Mount An Aggressive Defense Against Drunk Driving

Work With An Experienced, Skilled Attorney In Abilene

It will come as no surprise that drunk driving is taken very seriously by Texas law enforcement authorities. People in Abilene and surrounding areas who are arrested and charged with DUI or DWI need to make sure they work with a criminal defense lawyer who will be a forceful advocate for their freedom.

At the law firm of Gravley & Leggett, our attorneys have several decades of experience defending people who have been accused of offenses such as drunk driving. We understand what it takes to mount a credible, viable defense for our clients to work toward a favorable outcome.

What Should I Do If I Am Pulled Over?

If you are suspected of drinking and driving, the officers involved are likely to ask you to take a breath test at the scene to measure blood alcohol concentration. You do not have to comply with this request. You should be polite and respectful, but you are not obligated to submit to the breath test. Whatever the circumstances of your arrest, your first action should be to call a lawyer.

In addition to penalties such as fines and jail time, you may find yourself with a revoked or suspended license. This can disrupt your daily routine and make it difficult to go about your business. You may need to apply for an occupational license, which will allow you to legally drive to and from work or school.

Penalties for a DWI conviction increase if you have been convicted of multiple offenses. If you are in this situation, working with an experienced attorney is even more critical.

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