Do You Need Your License Back?

We Help People Obtain Occupational Licenses

Until you are facing charges of drunk driving, you may not understand the impact that a DUI or DWI can have on your everyday life. In addition to the criminal case, you likely will have to deal with a license suspension at the same time.

This can be a difficult obstacle to overcome, especially in a place like Abilene where driving is practically required. You might think you have only two choices: ignore the restrictions that have been placed upon you, risking further trouble if you are caught driving without a valid license, or depend on other ways of getting around, such as public transportation or asking friends or relatives for rides.

Take Control Of Your Situation

The criminal defense team at the law firm of Gravley & Leggett understands that being able to drive is an essential part of your everyday life. Going to and from work, picking up and dropping off your children, and running errands are not things that people can go without for any length of time because they have been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving.

Our attorneys help our clients to obtain an occupational license whenever possible. This is a temporary solution that allows you to perform these daily tasks without being in violation of the terms of your case.

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