Are You Facing Drug-Related Charges?

Don't Leave Your Defense To Chance

Drug crimes cases get a lot of attention, and justifiably so. Mandatory minimum sentences for certain offenses mean that what might appear to be relatively minor infractions can actually be quite serious. Because of this, it's critical to have an experienced Abilene criminal defense lawyer on your side if you find yourself facing drug charges.

The attorneys at Gravley & Leggett are experienced lawyers who put their clients first. This means that they will be aggressive advocates for you when you are up against charges that could result in time spent behind bars. They understand how the system works, and they will leverage their experience on your behalf.

We Provide Comprehensive Criminal Defense Services

You could find yourself facing any number of drug offenses in Texas involving substances such as cocaine, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine or prescription drugs such as oxycodone. Criminal charges relating to the manufacturing and possession of illegal drugs or the intent to sell drugs carry serious consequences.

Our attorneys will explore all your options and examine the circumstances of your arrest. Police who search or seize items from you may make mistakes during the process. If they do, we will work to hold them accountable for their actions and use that information to assist your case.

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