We Stand Up For Our Clients' Rights

Providing Effective Violent Crimes Defense

No matter how serious a criminal charge is, you have the right to an attorney to assist you throughout your case. Of course, not all attorneys have the courtroom experience and dedication to their clients that you should look for in a lawyer. Finding the best person for your case is critical.

The lawyers of Gravley & Leggett in Abilene, Texas, have been in practice for more than three decades. They understand how being charged with a crime can make you feel isolated and, in many cases, hopeless about your situation. Our attorneys will work closely with you to help you understand your case, your options for defense and the criminal justice system in general.

Know Your Rights And Work With Us

Regardless of the type of charges you are facing — misdemeanor or felony — our attorneys will work with you. Many violent crimes are felonies, including assault, assault and battery, armed robbery, and more serious charges such as murder and attempted murder.

Sexual assault is also considered a violent crime, and as such, you should have an aggressive attorney to defend you against these charges.

Domestic violence, also known as assault family violence, is another serious charge that has serious consequences. Allegations of domestic violence can have an immediate impact on the lives of you and your family.

When you face any kind of charge involving a violent crime, contact Gravley & Leggett for a free consultation. Call us at 325-677-4190 or email us using our online contact form.