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We Work With People Accused Of Domestic Violence

The bedrock of the criminal justice system in Texas and around the nation is "innocent until proven guilty." While this is true in theory, however, it may not seem that way if you are involved in a domestic abuse case. This is because the fallout of a domestic violence accusation — even if it is not true — can be immediate and severe.

Spousal abuse is a serious allegation, and the courts and law enforcement officers treat it very seriously as a result. If you are accused of assaulting a family member or someone else with whom you have a relationship, the reaction is swift. You may find yourself the subject of a protective order and unable to contact your spouse or your family.

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As a result, in many cases your best — and sometimes only — option is to contact an attorney. The lawyers at Gravley & Bennett in Abilene have defended many people on domestic violence charges.

We understand why these sorts of cases are handled with such seriousness. By the same token, however, we know how difficult the restrictions that are placed on our clients can be, especially when they are not warranted. We want to help you.

Every case is different, so it is best to speak with us about yours as soon as possible. Call our offices for a free, no-obligation consultation. Reach us at 325-677-4190 or by email on our online Contact page.