When You Need To Rely On A Mediator

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When two parties have a dispute — in the form of a divorce, a business interaction gone wrong or some other kind of civil disagreement — it might seem like the only way to work toward a solution is by a protracted court battle. In many cases, however, there are alternatives that can save time and money — not to mention a lot of stress and heartache.

Mediation is a process in which the two parties sit down to come to a consensus about their dispute with the help of a neutral third-party mediator. The attorneys at Gravley & Leggett in Abilene, Jim Gravley and Ken Leggett, are both experienced mediators who have helped many clients come to agreements about their differences.

What Are The Advantages To Mediation?

It does not always make sense to bring a case before a judge. A mediator works directly with the parties involved in a dispute, often leading to a more nuanced and satisfactory outcome for both sides. Bringing a case to court can be risky, as it may be up to a judge with little background on the case or knowledge about the parties to make a decision in a relatively short time.

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